Serious damage to SYRIZA’s political radar

A man reads the newspaper headlines in Athens, a day before the May 21 election. [AP]

The leader of the leftist SYRIZA party, Alexis Tsipras, along with the party's senior officials, are busy analyzing the reasons behind their landslide defeat in the legislative elections held on May 21. This process of introspection is expected to continue even after the second ballot on June 25.

However, there are two critical issues that seem to be overlooked in this reflection. The first issue is the seriousness of Tsipras' attempt to reach out to supporters of the now-defunct neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which was convicted as a criminal organization. This outreach occurred shortly before the election and just a few hours prior to the controversial statements made by MP George Katrougalos, who insinuated that SYRIZA planned to link insurance contributions to income levels for both wage earners and freelancers.

The second issue is SYRIZA's repeated use of insulting...

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