Borissov: Denkov and Mariya Gabriel are Close to Making a Decision

Denkov (left) and Borissov (right)

"Even before the elections, I said that the only good thing is an expert, broad government, but if it doesn't happen - then one between the first two parties. I think that Denkov and Gabriel are very close to making a decision. But until they agree, we haven't agreed on anything". This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borissov on the sidelines of the parliament.

"We Continue the Change want to bear responsibility themselves, including with politicians. We with 'Yes, Bulgaria' are responding to their requests," said Borissov when asked if they had proposed experts for a future cabinet.

He denied knowing Ivayla Bakalova, who was questioned at the prosecutor's office yesterday in relations to the "Barcelonagate" case.

Nikolay Denkov: It is not true that the Ministry of the Interior will be given to GERB, we are looking for an expert

"Negotiations continue today, progress is being made. I will not discuss a line-up, we are discussing different names, we choose what is best. The information that the Ministry of Interior will be given to GERB is not true, we are looking for an expert, a non-political person". This was stated on the sidelines of the parliament by Nikolay Denkov from WCC-DB.

He described Asen Vassilev as a good expert, when asked whether Vassilev will remain a candidate for finance minister.

There is no indication that the apocalyptic budget scenarios will come true.

"I and Mariya Gabriel will be the guarantors that there will be no violations," added Denkov.

Denkov commented that they are looking for support from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) regarding the constitutional reform, the regulators, but there are no talks about cabinet...

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