Focus shifts to specifics of party programs

PASOK chief Nikos Androulakis speaks to supporters at a pre-election rally on the eastern Aegean island of Chios, on Tuesday. [AMNA]

Following the results of the May 21 polls, where New Democracy party secured a resounding victory, the election period leading up to the second ballot is focusing on the individual parameters of the party programs.

Party staffs, meanwhile, are on the lookout for misstatements, verbal exaggerations or signs of ignorance from their political opponents.

Thus, central tax policy options in the parties' programs have been the focus of fierce debate over the last two days.

It started with the debate on PASOK's program provision for a gradual increase in the taxation of distributed corporate profits and expanded with the issue of the taxation of excess profits, SYRIZA's proposals and ND's complaints about options that would hurt the competitiveness of the economy and the attraction of investment. 

Speaking to Skai TV on Wednesday, SYRIZA spokeswoman Poppi...

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