Greece should train Ukrainian fighter pilots on F-16 jets

A Greek F-16 Viper prepares for takeoff at the Tanagra Air Force base, some 74 kilometers (46 miles) north of Athens, in September 2022. [AP]

Athens consistently punches above its weight in matters related to defense and security. As a small power with an aggressive neighbor, Greece must seize every opportunity to synergize its interests with those of its allies and partners. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands spearheaded a fighter jet coalition for Ukraine. The United States, Denmark, Portugal, Norway and Sweden have since joined the bloc. Greece should follow suit and offer to train Ukrainian fighter jet pilots on the F-16.

Greece and Ukraine share a unique history. The Ukrainian city of Odessa was the birthplace of the Greek Revolution. The Greek community of Mariupol thrived for centuries before Russia carpet-bombed and occupied the city in 2022. Athens would be wise to complement its historic connection to Kyiv with a strategic partnership. After all, Ukraine will have one of the most capable and...

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