Kiril Petkov: We are Witnessing Attacks against the Parliamentary Republic

Leader of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov

"In recent days, there have been attacks against the parliamentary republic". This was said by the co-chairman of the party, Kiril Petkov, at a WCC-DB briefing in the parliament. His words are in response to the tension that turned into a fight in the National Assembly between representatives of the "We Continue the Change" and "Vazrazhdane" parliamentary groups.

Petkov quoted the words of "Vazrazhdane": "The moment they take the stand, we will overthrow them, we will destroy them to the core, we will organize a coup", and said that Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic, a European country, a democratic country and they will guarantee that regardless of the provocations, these aspects of Bulgaria will remain and work for Bulgaria to have a democratically functioning, regular government.

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