Passengers call on EU to protect flights from strikes in overflight countries

Ryanair delivered a petition signed by 1.1 million EU passengers to the European Commission on Wednesday, demanding overflights be protected from air traffic control (ATC) strikes, particularly in France, to help avoid travel disruption. 

Earlier this month, the trade group Airlines for Europe, which represents companies such as Lufthansa and Air France-KLM as well as Ryanair, also called on the Commission to take action. 

CEO Michael O'Leary told reporters that France's location meant the cancellation of flights merely passing through its airspace during local strikes was particularly disruptive and polluting. 

"The next French strike is due June 6-7 and our flights are full and we're being forced to cancel flights. There is a simple solution for this. Other member-states have laws that protect overflights," O'Leary said, referring to Greece, Italy and Spain. ...

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