Radev: I don't expect the Kiss between Borissov and Petkov to give Birth to anything other than Disgust

President Rumen Radev

"Against the background of the war in Ukraine, the growing tension in Kosovo, the problems in energy, in connectivity, in the future of our continent, an important topic in my talks will be the question of the shaken trust and the shaken European perspective of Bulgaria after the shameful recordings of the National Council of 'We Continue the Change' and the subsequent confessions of the leaders. These events take us a long way from Europe". President Rumen Radev commented this to journalists in Moldova, where he attended the summit of the European Political Community.

"As values and morals, as principles and a way of doing politics, and in fact these recordings swept away the lovely Euro-Atlantic facade and revealed the jagged face of a creeping dictatorship and fanaticism. As a request for grave violations, for purges signed in blood, for a pogrom in the institutions, for treason and all this discredits European leaders. The European press is thundering with negative comments about Bulgaria. This is a disgrace that has poured on the face of our country," said Radev.

According to him, despite the dark revelations, Bulgaria will remain as a normal, democratic European country.

Regarding the negotiations to form a cabinet, Radev said that Bulgaria must have a regular government. He claims that it should be normal, based on clear, democratic principles and above all - work for Bulgaria.

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