Two detained after attack on municipal officials in Istanbul

Two individuals have been detained following an attack on Istanbul Municipality officials during the demolition of illegal cafes in Üsküdar district.

The decision to demolish the building situated on the Salacak coast of Üsküdar was made due to violations of zoning regulations. Taking action to dismantle the illegal cafe within the square arrangement, the Istanbul Municipality faced resistance from the business owners.

Despite the business owner's appeal for a stay of execution, their request was rejected by an Istanbul court, which deemed the municipality's decision justified.

During the demolition process, municipal teams were attacked by the business owners resulting in the assault of three personnel. Ramazan Gülten, the Istanbul Municipality's reconstruction branch manager, sustained injuries and was swiftly evacuated from the scene by the intervention of fellow team members. Following the attack, Gülten was taken to hospital for medical treatment, while the police launched an investigation into the incident.

As part of the ongoing investigation, two individuals believed to be cafe staff were apprehended. The authorities continue to carry out proceedings concerning the suspects.

The municipality has reiterated its commitment to upholding the rule of law and will continue its efforts to demolish illegal constructions in line with zoning regulations, despite any attempts to obstruct the process.

Expressing his strong condemnation of the attack in Üsküdar, Buğra Gökçe, deputy secretary-general of the municipality, tweeted, "We absolutely reject this behavior."

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