Vučić: The situation is very complicated PHOTO/VIDEO

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, arrived at the Summit of the European Political Community, and on that occasion pointed out that the situation in relation to Kosovo and Metohija is very complicated.
"The US is not changing its course, it is simply clear who is to blame for a situation, but strategically, nothing in particular will change regarding (so-called) Kosovo and the situation in the region. But what is important is that they can hear us. This is the first time that something really met with American condemnation, I hope it will be the same with the Europeans. The situation is very complicated".
When asked whether the situation could escalate to the region, Vui said that he hoped the situation would calm down.
"I always try to be optimistic and I can guarantee you that Serbia will do everything to maintain peace and approach everything calmly. They brought the police who are not allowed to be there according to the Brussels agreement. The first step is to withdraw the illegal mayors," Vucic said.
Vucic pointed out that meetings with Macron and Scholtz will not be easy.
"It is important that we try to preserve peace and stability. I spoke this morning with the people of northern Kosovo and asked them for peace and determination, but to do it in a peaceful way. It is extremely important for us that some people understand that 3.4 percent are not legitimate elections and not to bully our people. I will have a conversation with Macron and Scholz, and I will try to get things back to normal, but it takes two to tango."

Let us recall that among the participants of the Summit of the European Political Community are 27 EU member states, the entire Western Balkans and 14 other countries (Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan,...

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