"Hungary is at war with Russia?" Orban reacted immediately

During a guest appearance on the radio station "Kosut", he commented on the recent statement of the mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karcsony, who said that "Hungary is already at war with Russia".
"If someone says such things and does not move, that person is simply not in their right mind," Orbn said.
According to his words, "no sane person, who has heard about the Second World War, can allow himself such statements", reported TASS.
"As long as this government is in power, Hungary will not go to war against Russia," Orbn stressed.
Orbn has repeatedly said that the leading countries of the EU and other members are trying to drag Hungary into the war in Ukraine and are calling on Budapest to start supplying weapons to Kyiv, but that his country is on the side of peace.
Since the beginning of the conflict, Hungary has been calling on Russia and Ukraine to declare a truce and start peace negotiations.

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