"The recognition of Kosovo's independence was a mistake"

In an interview for Kosovo Online, Bystron assessed as inappropriate the attempt of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti to portray Serbs as "vassals of Russia" and Albanians as victims, adding that his "ethnocentric chauvinism" should not be tolerated in Europe.
When asked how he would evaluate the current political situation in the Balkans, he said that his party is extremely concerned about the escalation of violence. He also reminds of the fact that, despite the massive military presence of the international community, the conflicts between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs have not been resolved in the past 24 years.
Speaking about the latest risk in the north of Kosovo, Bryston points out that Kurti's attempt to demonize the Serbs and portray them as vassals of Russia, and the Albanians in Kosovo as victims, is inappropriate.
"However, it fits the usual narrative in US-dominated countries: anyone who gets in the way of US interests is instantly discredited as an agent of Moscow. The ethnocentric chauvinism practiced by Kurti should not be tolerated on the European political scene, let alone supported by any European government," he said.
When asked what he advises a Serb in Kosovo, he answers: "I advise restraint in protests and at the same time intransigence in political demands. They are right. The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was an injustice. The violent secession of the province of Kosovo from the territory of Yugoslavia was an injustice. Something created out of injustice cannot last long. Stay consistent. Kosovo is Serbia."

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