The schools are awaiting further explanation and clarification

Regarding the decision of the Government of Serbia to end the school year on June 6, the Ministry of Education announced that a corresponding letter will be sent to schools today.
Yesterday, the Government adopted the Conclusion by which the school year 2022/23 for all primary and secondary school students in Serbia ends on June 6, "and ordered the Ministry of Education to take actions within its jurisdiction with the aim of its realization".
"The Ministry of Education and School Administration will be at the disposal of school administrations for clarifications," the statement added.
The Ministry noted that schools will inform parents and students about all changes in the school calendar through regular communication channels.
The Government of Serbia announced yesterday that, due to the tragedies that have deeply affected the entire society, it has decided that the school year will end on June 6 in all primary and secondary schools in Serbia, and that schools can continue to work until June 20 for students who want it.
"Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school will retain its education function and continue serving as elementary school. It will be reconstructed and during the reconstruction process, a memorial section will be built in memory of the children and the school guard, who showed excellence every day at that school," the government statement reads.

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