Vučić for TV Prva: "Escalation can happen every day. Kurti won't stop"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, was a guest on the show "Prva tema" on TV Prva. He spoke about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, about protests, about elections and attacks from the region.
"I'm glad that people in Serbia are satisfied that the results of responsible politics can sometimes be seen. But I'm not optimistic. Before coming to this show, five advisers told me not to be grumpy, not to be pessimistic, but I see things differently," he said.
"As I think this footage was wrongly chosen. Against the Serbs. They don't show the moment when you can see who started the conflict. That was done by the police of so-called Kosovo, not NATO. They tried to drag Igor Simic in as well as Rado and Duan. To drag them out and transfer them to their side of the cordon. The police shot at Dragisa Galjak, he has children, he's got a granddaughter three weeks ago. They almost killed him, doctors were fighting for his life. Everyone pretended that it didn't happen. The only images we see are of injured NATO soldiers. It's not their fault, but the only one who was shot is Dragia Galjak, tomorrow I will go to visit him," he said.
"Everyone knows that Kurti is guilty and that it is not in disputable. I have nothing to hide, he knows that whatever he does, the Americans will be in favor of preserving the so-called independence of Kosovo, that up to a thousand of Serbians soldiers and policemen must not be allowed to return to Kosovo," he said.
"He knows that whatever he does, the Americans, English and Germans will say that the so-called independence of Kosovo must be maintained, that the Serb must not be allowed to endanger the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Kosovo, not allow Serbian soldiers and police to return'', Vucic said.

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