Dangerous situation in Kosovo; Pristina pressured to form CSM; Grenell: Disaster

In the municipal buildings, there are still members of the Kosovo Police and special forces, protected by KFOR soldiers deployed around the municipal buildings.
Between the members of the international peacekeeping mission and the citizens are barbed wire and a metal fence on which the citizens have placed Serbian flags.
In Zvean, members of KFOR were also deployed at five access points to the city, in order to prevent the passage of special forces near the protesting citizens. That was one of the demands of the Serbian List in order to prevent possible incidents.
Citizens at protests in three municipalities demand that the members of the so-called special police withdraw from the municipalities in the north of Kosovo and that the new mayors elected on April 23 in the elections that were boycotted by the Serbs, do not enter the municipal premises.
They also demand the release of the Serbs arrested during the protest in Zvean on May 29, when due to the forcible entry of Albanian mayors into the municipal buildings in the north, there was a conflict between Kosovo Police and KFOR members with citizens.
On that occasion, more than 50 Serbs and over 20 members of the international peace mission were injured.

Pristina to form CSM

Political analysts with the so-called Kosovo believe that after the escalation in the north, the pressure of the international community on Pristina to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities will increase, as well as that new municipal elections in the north are the only solution to calm the tensions between the two sides, Telegraf reports.

Grenell: ''This is a disaster for Kosovo''

The former special envoy of the U.S. president for dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Richard...

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