Mytilineos considers relocating abroad

The management of Mytilineos Energy & Metal is pondering whether it should move its headquarters outside Greece, as the company grows and expands its activities in international markets.

Company head Evangelos Mytilineos, shortly after the announcement of a major investment of 1.16 billion euros for the acquisition of 1.4-gigawatts' worth of solar parks in Canada and on the sidelines of the regular general meeting of shareholders that took place on Thursday, left open the possibility of transferring the company's seat.

He described it as a "sensitive" issue due to the upcoming parliamentary election and emphasized that he will be able to comment on July 27, after the teleconference on the results of the semester.

"It is not a simple matter, but we are thinking about it. It is certainly not political and I will not answer now, because I am afraid it will become...

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