New challenges for the schools; Three big changes await students and parents

As Blic writes, the three biggest changes are related to the earlier end of the school year for all students in Serbia, the postponement of the major or state graduation, but also significant changes to the minor graduation that will be held in a little more than two weeks.
It is recalled that the Government of Serbia decided at the end of last week that due to the tragedy in "Ribnikar" and everything that happened after that, the school year would be shortened and that the last working day would be Tuesday, June 6.
However, all schools will continue to work until June 20, when classes were scheduled to end according to the calendar, and students who wish to do so will be able to come to their educational institutions regularly or when it suits them (when they agree with the teachers) in order to possibly improve grades.
By tomorrow (Tuesday), all teachers should decide on the final grade proposal (if the grades are "on a swing", i.e. if the teacher is in doubt whether to give a higher or lower grade - he will give a higher grade), after which the students who wish to do so will have the opportunity to fix them.
Extended stay in schools, where it exists, will also be organized until June 20, with the recommendation that the school make a survey of parents and, and based on those results, organize the work of extended stay. It's the same with full-day classes.
The introduction of the state or grand graduation has officially been postponed for another two years, so in the best case scenario, instead of the next summer as predicted by the school calendar, it could have its premiere in June 2026.
It was originally designed according to the junior high school graduation system, only instead of enrolling in high schools, enrollment in...

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