Vučić has a new message: Citizens of Serbia, on Wednesday... VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, addressed all the citizens of Serbia, with the message that in democratic societies things are resolved through dialogue, announcing important news.
"Exactly ten days have passed since I invited those who are protesting and who made certain demands to come and talk. They have not responded. They are not interested in talking. I am sorry for that and I think it is a big mistake," Vui said in a message published on the Instagram profile "buducnostsrbijeav".
"In democratic societies, things are solved by talking. Things are not solved by calling me, Ana, Sinisa, anyone, every day, abnormal, madmen, murderers, criminals, all the while knowing how much you are deceiving the public. Things are solved by talks, compromises and agreements," stated Vui.
"Since we have all the time in the world to wait for those talks, we will continue to do so because discussing things is the most important. Compromise is always a good word. I believe that someone will be encouraged to start talking. It will be a great achievement for our society", added the President of Serbia.
On the other hand, as he points out, we have no time to waste when it comes to our Serbia. "And that's why in the coming days we will come out with new plans, new programs, big ideas, but also extraordinary news for our citizens. On Wednesday, we will disclose and show everything I'm talking about, because we're working hard on it as a team. People will, I'm sure, be very satisfied," said Vui.
"I invite everyone else to work, to work, to work and to work, as never before, even more strongly because we will have a difficult time regarding Kosovo and Metohija and many other geopolitical issues. I invite Serbia to unite on Wednesday before the arrival...

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