What is really happening in Himare?

Members of the Himara Association assembled outside the Albanian Embassy in Athens to protest against the ongoing imprisonment of Fredi Beleri, the recently elected mayor of Himare in southern Albania, and an ethnic Greek. [AMNA]

Himare is a coastal area in Albania, situated 16 nautical miles (30 kilometers) north of the Greek island of Corfu, directly across from the Diapontia Islands in the Ionian Sea. It has gained attention due to its exceptional natural beauty and significant tourism potential, with a more than 60-kilometer coastline with plenty of sandy beaches. As a result, it has become a target for major economic interests. The European Commission's 2022 report on Albania highlights the circulation of a significant amount of black money in the area, primarily stemming from drug trafficking. These illicit funds are often laundered through investments in the tourism sector.

Property ownership poses a theoretical obstacle to such investments. During the communist era, all privately owned immovable property was transferred to the state. Although 32 years have passed since the collapse of...

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