Bulgaria: The Caretaker Prime Minister called for Continuity

Acting PM Galab Donev

Acting Prime Minister Galab Donev called for continuity in the actions of the regular cabinet for everything achieved during the 10 months of administration:

"The most important thing for Bulgaria is to have a regularly working government with parliamentary support behind it. The emphasis they will place on their work should be the one placed by the Bulgarian citizens. During these 10 months - you know - we brought the country to a standstill. Now the state is functioning normally, all systems are functioning normally".

Galab Donev refused to comment on the president's criticism that the new regular government is "discredited", but in turn criticized the requests for a purge in the state administration:

"The request that was given - for a purge in the state administration, for a purge in the services - this is a non-working solution. The public servants are the ones who make the state and the state systems work when the political system is unable to cope with the challenges, who stand before it".

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