Bulgaria: Denkov Presented Priorities of the New Cabinet: Budget Deficit, Schengen, Eurozone and Judicial Reform

PM Candidate Nikolay Denkov

The candidate for Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov presented the structure and composition of his government to the Bulgarian deputies. In the beginning, he warned that the unusual formula of a cabinet with rotating prime ministers was selected because of the difficult situation in the country in an attempt to avoid another election. Among the priorities of his government, he indicated:

  • To introduce an emergency budget with a 3% deficit and no tax increase
  • To work towards entry into the Eurozone and Schengen
  • To implement the already specified legislative program, including the constitutional reform for judicial reform

Denkov reiterated that the cabinet will do everything necessary to enter Schengen this year and among the measures for this, he pointed out border control and changes in security services. Regarding our entry into the Eurozone, he promised budgets with low deficits and guaranteed social spending, fighting against inflation, as well as an active campaign against disinformation about the adoption of the euro.

Among the cabinet's priorities, the future prime minister pointed to accessibility and transparency of electricity prices. He promised to support the Bulgarian business and to strengthen the control over the spending of the subsidies. He added that the government aims for Bulgaria to receive the second tranche of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and to work and catch up for the next stages.

"My childhood dream was not to be the prime minister of a country in a severe political and economic crisis and a divided society. I take this risk with the commitment that if the priorities are changed or go in the wrong direction, I will resign<...

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