Complaints arise over noise from tourist boats in Bosphorus

Complaints have been pouring in about the loud music emanating from tourist boats sailing in the Bosphorus until late at night, with numerous residents living around the iconic strait expressing their grievances regarding the noise.

The arrival of the summer season has seen a surge in wedding, engagement and graduation ceremony programs held on tour boats sailing along the Bosphorus. The sound broadcasted into the late night by these boats, which also cater to tourists visiting Istanbul, has become a nuisance for locals.

Ozan Özkan, a resident living near the Üsküdar district's Salacak beach, expressed his frustration, stating, "One day it plays mezdeke [belly dance music], the next it plays pop, the next day it plays arabesque. It is loud enough to wake you up inside the houses." Özkan's remarks reflect the sentiments shared by many others affected by the loud music.

Özkan further voiced his discontent by sharing a video on his social media account, shedding light on the issue. "We are very uncomfortable with tour boats, especially between May and October, from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.," he lamented.

İzzet Demirtaş, head of a local marine tourism association, acknowledged the complaints and affirmed the association's commitment to address the issue.

"Such complaints come to us as well, and as an association, we warn our friends who play loud music. Security forces measure decibels. If there is a loud sound, they immediately make the necessary intervention, notify the port and impose a fine," he said.

Demirtaş emphasized that decibel control is conducted systematically. "The permitted decibel level decreases as time progresses, starting from 90 decibels and gradually reducing to 80, 70, and 60 decibels," he explained.

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