Montenegro Urged to Probe Crypto Fugitive’s Ties with Party Leader

Montenegrin police escort South Korean cryptocurrency mogul Do Kwon in Podgorica. Photo: EPA-EFE/Boris Pejovic

Media reported on Monday that Do Kwon sent a letter to Abazovic, outgoing Justice Minister Marko Kovac and the Special State Prosecution, claiming that he financed Europe Now.

Sources within the government and prosecution told BIRN unofficially that Do Kwon's handwritten letter to Abazovic, Kovac and the prosecution claimed that he has known Spajic since 2018 and that they held meetings in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

According to opinion polls, the recently-formed Europe Now movement could lead the new government after parliamentary elections on June 11 and Spajic could become the next prime minister.

Abazovic confirmed that he received Do Kwon's letter but stressed that he informed the prosecution.

"It's not good for Montenegro if Spajic had contacts with Do Kwon, because the man is wanted by the US and South Korean authorities… We cannot become a breeding ground for global fraudsters, even if they use blockchain or anything else," Abazovic told media.

Milan Knezevic, one of the leaders of the pro-Serbian For the Future of Montenegro political coalition, also called on the prosecution to investigate the case, claiming that Do Kwon financed Europe Now's campaign for last year's local elections and the presidential elections in April.

"The prosecution should inform the public about this letter. Serious doubts are being cast on the electoral process and we want to get to the end of the elections without such scandals," Knezevic told media.

Spajic denied these claims, saying on Monday that he reported Do Kwon to the Interior Ministry soon as the South Korean arrived in Montenegro.

"Do Kwon is a...

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