Orlic receives Poland's Fogiel

BELGRADE - Serbian Parliament Speaker Vladimir Orlic received the head of the Polish parliamentary committee on foreign affairs Radoslaw Fogiel on Tuesday.

Orlic noted that Serbia was committed to deepen its cooperation with Poland in the economy, infrastructure and other areas but that preserving peace and stability was the main precondition for that.

"In that regard, the extremely dangerous situation in Kosovo-Metohija - where the safety of Serbs is jeopardised daily by Albin Kurti's unilateral moves - poses a difficult challenge. Today, everyone - including the KFOR commander, the NATO commander, as well as US and EU officials - says he is the one to blame for the disruption of peace," Orlic said.

According to an official statement released by the Serbian parliament, Orlic informed Fogiel of the violence committed by Pristina's ROSU police troops against...

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