Search underway for missing person following floods

One person remains missing in the aftermath of disastrous floods that struck northern Türkiye on June 5 and claimed the lives of two individuals, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced, noting that search and rescue works are underway.

"Works on healing the wounds continue with great care and sensitivity. May God protect our nation from such recurrence and further worsening of the situation," Yerlikaya said during his visit to the affected tradesmen in Samsun while expressing his condolences over the lives lost.

"One of our three citizens caught in the flood during a picnic in central Amasya has been rescued. Unfortunately, we have recovered the lifeless body of one individual. The search for the other citizen is still underway," the minister informed.

Tragically, on the same day, a person attempting to guide animals across a bridge in Samsun's Ladik district also lost their life after being swept away by the floodwaters.

Yerlikaya urged citizens to heed the warnings issued by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) and the Turkish State Meteorological Service to ensure their safety.

Meteorologists issued "yellow alert." meaning potential weather danger, for 14 cities, and "orange alert," which signifies a possibility of damage and loss in a dangerous weather situation, for two cities in response to the previous day's heavy rainfall.

The bureau's latest assessments indicate that substantial precipitation is likely to occur in central and northern cities of the country.

Tuncay Sonel, the governor of nearby Ordu province, announced on his Twitter account on June 5 that they suspended education for one day due to the anticipated heavy rain.

In the wake of the fatalities, educational...

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