The billions of euros the state coffers miss out on

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Greece's tax policy has become a field of fierce confrontation between the political parties. Politicians are clamoring for reductions or increases in taxes on parental gifts, dividends and VAT on products. But what they're not saying is that the country urgently needs a bold tax reform that will undo decades of ills and broaden the tax base.

A look at some of the data recently published by Kathimerini clearly reveals the problem: Taxes collected by the state are mainly paid by salaried employees and pensioners. Of the 360,000 self-employed in the country, 268,000 - 74% of the total - declare an annual income of up to 10,000 euros; which means they keep their business open by collecting 833 euros a month. That is, 50 euros more than an employee who is paid the minimum wage of 780 euros. Four out of 10 taxpayers, that is 2.5 out of 6.4 million, declared an income of 5,000...

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