Casualties rise to 3 in flood disasters

The lifeless body of the remaining missing person in the flood caused by the torrential rains in the northern province of Amasya has been found, and the total number of people who have died in the disastrous floods hitting several provinces has reached three.

In Amasya, the lifeless body of 30-year-old Zilal Şahin, who was caught in flood waters in a car with her husband and friend in the area where they had a picnic, was reached.

The car in which the couple Serkan and Zilal Şahin and their friend Murat Ekşi were travelling for a picnic on Sunday, June 4 was caught in flood waters. While Serkan Şahin got out of the car by his own means, the lifeless body of his friend was found after the search works were conducted.

While AFAD and provincial gendarmerie teams continued to search for Zilal Şahin on June 6, they reached her lifeless body about 150 meters away from the area where the group had a picnic in the midnight hours of June 7.

The lifeless body was taken to the hospital morgue.

Amasya Governor's Office posted a statement on their social media account saying that they wish condolences to the deceased persons' families, also thanking their personnel in charge of search operations and they "hope that such disasters will never happen again."

Last week, another person who resided in the Ladik district of the northern province of Samsun who lost his balance while trying to pass his animals over a bridge, was dragged along with the flood waters and had lost his life.

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