How NGO managers siphon off funds

The Anti-Money Laundering Authority has compiled and published a report on the methods used by the managers of nongovernmental organizations to divert money from the funds of their organizations. 

The 16-page report, titled "The Abusive Exploitation of Nonprofit Organizations," was published at almost exactly the same time as the assets of a Greek activist who is being investigated as a suspect for felony fraud against the NGO he headed were frozen.

"In order to benefit, the perpetrators used the weaknesses of the system and the absence of a uniform regulatory framework and adequate supervision of NGOs while exploiting the financial system both domestically and abroad," the report concludes. 

According to well-informed sources, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, headed by Charalambos Vourliotis, has carried out audits of more than 100 NGOs in the last two...

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