Montenegro Opposition Party Denies Funding From Crypto Fugitive

Montenegrin National Security Committee session in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Media reported on Tuesday that Do Kwon sent a letter to outgoing Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, outgoing Justice Minister Marko Kovac and the Special State Prosecution, claiming that he financed Europe Now.

Abazovic confirmed that he received Do Kwon's letter and called on Special State Prosecution to investigate the case.

Europe Now denied the claims and accusing its political opponents of spreading falsehoods ahead of the upcoming parlilamentary elections on June 11.

"We invite the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, as the relevant authority, to confirm or deny the statements that Do Kwon financed our election campaigns," Europe Now official Vaslije Carapic told media on Wednesday.

"Since we are convinced that Interior Minister Filip Adzic has no evidence for what he claims, his allegations are nothing more than the abuse of his official position in the midst of an election campaign," Carapic added.

According to opinion polls, the recently-formed Europe Now could lead the new government after parliamentary elections on June 11 and Spajic could become the next prime minister.

As finance minister, Spajic promoted the development of the blockchain industry in Montenegro.

Earlier on Wednesday, Interior Minister Adzic said that Spajic met with Do Kwon in Belgrade after an Interpol red notice was issued for his arrest. Adzic claimed that he has operational information about the meetings.

"We had information that [Spajic and Do Kwon] met, even in a family atmosphere, even after the moment when Do Kwon was on the [Interpol] wanted list. We also have the street [name] in Belgrade where they met," Adzic told a press...

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