Police officer seriously injured in Thessaloniki car chase

File photo. [Shutterstock]

A police officer has sustained serious injuries during a dramatic car chase in western Thessaloniki in northern Greece.

The incident unfolded shortly after midnight. According to local sources, it all started when officers from the police's Z Force motorcycle unit signaled a car to pull over in the Dendropotamos area. The vehicle, carrying three men, disregarded the police's instructions and accelerated in an attempt to evade the checkpoint.

A pursuit ensued, during which one of the officers collided with a passing car, resulting in severe injuries to their side and lung. The injured officer was initially taken to the 424 Military Hospital and later transferred to AHEPA Hospital for further medical treatment.

As reported by the thestival.gr website, the pursuit of the vehicle continued in western Thessaloniki. Eventually, the police managed to halt the car and...

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