Bulgaria: WCC-DB demanded that Peevski leave the Committee on Constitutional Affairs

DPS MPs Peevski and Karadayi

The WCC-DB coalition asked Delyan Peevski to leave the Commission on Constitutional Affairs only a day after he was elected to it yesterday.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) replied that there will be no changes and the changes to the Constitution will be made with the participation of MP Peevski, because for the most part, their project for constitutional reform was drawn up by him.

There was also a debate in the parliament on another scandal yesterday.

Without naming names, Hristo Ivanov said that the issue of changes in the Constitution is extremely fragile and that is why they should not focus on one or two individuals. He gave an example of what is happening in the SJC - that those who "installed" Ivan Geshev in this position must today vote for his removal.

The DPS countered that they will not make changes in this commission, that Peevski remains in it, the reason being that he drafted a large part of the constitutional changes that are proposed - that the Supreme Judicial Council be divided into two - judicial and prosecutorial, the chief prosecutor, the two heads of high courts and the minister of justice should not participate in the high judicial councils, and the chief prosecutor should only have methodological functions.

"Yesterday we witnessed the filling of the constitutional commission, and let me share my point of view - it did not go well. One parliamentary group said that it approached this matter as a joke, another denies that with its non-participation it became this choice. Colleagues from GERB, I don't know if this is how they imagine the construction of majorities - like an all you can eat buffet," said Hristo Ivanov, PP-DB.

"And now what? We have a basic consensus to...

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