Greek diver discovers long-lost British World War II submarine

A prominent Greek diver and researcher announced on Wednesday he had discovered the lost British submarine HMS Triumph, whose true fate had been shrouded in mystery ever since the vessel and its entire crew disappeared in 1942.

The submarine had disappeared without a trace, with all 64 crew members on board, some 81 years earlier, in the midst of World War II. Various attempts to find it had been mounted at various times by teams from the United Kingdom, Malta and Russia, all without success.

The wreckage was discovered on the seabed by Greek diver Kostas Thoctarides and his team, after a search lasting roughly 25 years. "It was the hardest and most expensive mission I have ever carried out in my life," Thoctarides told the state-run Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA). "The history of the submarine is multifaceted and unique in naval chronicles, as it is inseparably...

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