Mali for TV Prva: 23 billion for new measures; "Strength of our finances" VIDEO/PHOTO

Mali further explained the measures presented last night for TV Prva.
"It is about a set of measures that are primarily aimed at raising the standard of living of the citizens of Serbia. And in conditions that I would say are the conditions of the biggest, most difficult economic crisis, global economic crisis ever," he said.
"So, it is a set of measures that, on the one hand, raise the standard of living of the citizens of Serbia, but on the other hand, show the strength of our economy, show the strength of our public finances, and essentially justify and confirm the correctness of our economic policy that we have been implementing for ten years," said Mali.

Higher wages in the public sector

"The first measure is to raise wages in the public sector from September 1, that is, the beginning of the new school year. 5.5% for all employees in education. In addition, therefore, plus nurses, caregivers in social welfare homes. And that is the first step of raising salaries since September of this year," he added.
"For them and all other employees, there will be a salary increase in January of at least 10 percent. And if you look now, we have raised salaries in the public sector by 12.5% since January 1 this year, 5.5% in September and 10% next January. That's more than a 30.6 percent salary increase in education and for medical workers. For the others, it's 24 percent," he added.
"We are talking about salary increases far above the inflation limit," he emphasized.

Pensions are also growing. Total growth 55%

"Look at today's report. Eurostat data came out today. Eurozone, first quarter, minus 0.1% growth. In the last quarter of last year, also minus 0.1%. That means, since you have two consecutive quarters of...

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