Media: Aleksić showed inhumanity, claimed that Vučić hadn't visited ''Ribnikar" PHOTO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, visited the elementary school "Vladislav Ribnikar" in Vraar after the massacre in which the killer boy killed nine of his peers and the school guard.
The President visited ''Ribnikar'' without the presence of the media because, as he said, sometimes he does not inform the public about everything.
"I went to school in the early hours of the morning, I thought I wouldn't find anyone except the headmistress, but there were other people there, I found the janitor, several teachers, signed the mourning book, saw the crime scene and was even more horrified than in the moment I heard that it happened," Vui said recently.
However, immediately after he revealed that he had visited the school, a campaign was launched against him in the public - going so far as to claim that the president lied that he had been to the school because, they claimed, he would have led the media if he had gone.
The last in the series of those who joined that campaign is MP Miroslav Aleksi, who said today that he does not believe Vui visited the school without the media knowing about it.
"Does anyone in Serbia believe that he went somewhere without a camera? I don't believe him that he was there. Let him show what he wrote, if he was there. Nobody showed up there," Aleksi said, among other things.

The media published a photo that proves that Vui was telling the truth, and that those who accused him of inventing the visit were lying all along Foto: Kurir

By the way, according to the media, the parents were also informed about Vui's visit, but he told them that he did not want to inform the public about it and showed the photos out of respect for the children and their parents. Vui then visited the school with the...

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