PM: Outright majority or new election

Having hinted on Tuesday at the possibility of a third election, New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized that if his center-right party fails to win an outright majority in the June 25 election, then a third ballot is almost a foregone conclusion.

Essentially, the dilemma posed to voters by Mitsotakis is either ND secures an outright majority or another election will be called in August.

The disapproval that main opposition SYRIZA was subject to on May 21 and the large-scale victory of ND at the same time demonstrate that Mitsotakis has an audience to "push" toward an outright majority, as that is what the Greek people expressed in the last election.

Mitsotakis is not just asking for an outright majority to form a single-party government but a "secure" one, which means 155 MPs or above. This tactic is part of the same logic of clear and hard...

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