"We sent the Serbian state a message - we can still bomb you"

Military analyst and senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump, retired colonel Douglas McGregor, believes that a wrong status quo has been created in Kosovo.
Such a status, he believes, cannot be maintained without the presence of foreign military forces, the Kosovo online writing of Serbian Radio Chicago reports.
McGregor, who was a participant in the events in the so-called Kosovo under the direct command of Wesley Clark in the 90s, pointed out that the proposal from Rambouillet on the division of the so-called Kosovo was then rejected.
"The solution that would divide Kosovo, especially the part that is inhabited almost exclusively by Serbs along the Serbian border, with the commission to then relocate additional Serbian citizens from other parts of Kosovo, with the costs borne by the international community, was of course rejected. The Germans were quite willing to give money, to create a community that everyone could get along with," McGregor says.
He adds that the actors at the top of the current administration are the same as in the nineties.
"From 1995 to 2000, we see some of the same personalities who were younger then, and now they've become older, but it's the same problem, so we have something that is a permanent wound that won't heal," adds McGregor.
He claims that there is an unwillingness in the West to accept the fact that the Muslim Albanian regime in Pristina wants to manage the entire so-called Kosovo and imposes itself on the Serbian population, and states that, of course, the Serbs, as Orthodox Christians, do not allow this.
"The division of territory occurs when someone in power, in other words, various representatives sit down and say - if we don't come up with some kind of partition, we...

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