Alpine lake sediments may hold clues to climate change

[Christos Pennos]

Three alpine lakes and two coastal lagoons in Greece underwent coring in late May as scientists anticipate that they could offer valuable insights into the climate and environment of Southeastern Europe over the past 5,000 years.

A team of both local and international scientists carried out field research in the high-elevation lakes of Gistova, Smolikas and Astrakas as part of the interdisciplinary program PalAeolus. Their primary objective is to reconstruct the paleoclimate and atmospheric circulation in the region.

Within the sediment, researchers have detected traces of volcanic ash, layers of Saharan dust, and pollen. Some samples have already been dispatched to laboratories in France, Romania and Greece for further analysis.

"We aim to comprehend the natural patterns of climate by merging data from the alpine zone with sediments accumulated in coastal...

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