"An armed conflict must be prevented"; If it escalates NATO sends thousands of troops

"If the situation becomes increasingly unstable, if it starts escalating again, of course, that is an option," Wigemark said.
Let us remind you that after the escalation of the situation in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, NATO announced that it would send an additional 700 soldiers to the north, the so-called Kosovo.
The head of EULEX also stated that the time will come when the so-called Kosovo will not need the EULEX civilian police, which no longer have executive powers, but only "supervise the Kosovo police. But the conditions are not yet complete," he said.
Wigemark, who also served in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said it was vital not to allow incidents like the latest seen in the north of the so-called Kosovo flare up and spill over into some kind of armed conflict.
"The ongoing dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is the place to resolve most of the open issues," he said.

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