Bulgaria's Parliament approved a New Contract of 7.2 Million Dollars for the F-16s

F-16 Block 70

Bulgaria's Parliament approved a contract to build a warehouse to store classified equipment and weapons for the F-16 aircraft. The premises will be located at the Graf Ignatievo air base and will cost 7.2 million dollars.

The contract provides for:

  • Supply of locks, door locking mechanisms and supplies necessary to build security systems in compliance with US Government security requirements;
  • Design and construction of a warehouse security system for the storage of classified equipment;
  • Management services of the warehouse for the storage of classified equipment for a period of three years and three years of maintenance of the security and structural systems related to the operation of the warehouse;
  • Consulting services on the design and construction of security systems for other F-16 Block 70 aircraft facilities at Graf Ignatievo air base, where classified aircraft equipment will be stored, and the use of classified information.

The new contract was criticized by the pro-Russian party "Vazrazhdane" (Revival).

Nikolay Drenchev, "Vazrazhdane": "They may ask us for more money, if it ever comes (the F-16), it may never come. This is the truth about the contracts that have been concluded for the F-16. This is not a contract, but a letter of offer or acceptance. If we don't accept this thing, we're not going to get billions worth of airplanes, some of which we've paid for in advance."

After the entry into force of the ratification act, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will notify the Government of the United States of America to carry out the national procedures for the entry into force of the treaty. The first payment of 162 thousand dollars will be in December of this year....

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