Night passes calmly in Zvecan, Serbs continue protest

ZVECAN - The night passed calmly in Zvecan, a Serb-majority municipality in the north of Kosovo-Metohija and, in the morning, local Serbs continued a peaceful protest that began at the end of May.

The protesters, who have been gathering in front of a cordon of Kfor troops every day, said they would not end the protest until their demands were met.

They want all special units of the so-called Kosovo Police withdrawn from the north of Kosovo-Metohija and two Serb protesters released from custody.

They are also demanding that ethnic Albanian mayors stop coming into municipal buildings in the four Serb-majority municipalities in the north of the province.

Daily protests have also been underway in two other municipalities - Zubin Potok and Leposavic.

The municipal building in Zvecan is still being secured by Kfor and special forces armed with long...

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