Putin: After July 7 or 8, it starts...

This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.
"The situation as a whole is stable, I would even say good. We are cooperating in that sphere. Regarding the most sensitive issues, on which we have agreed, everything is going according to plan - on July 7 or 8, the preparation of the appropriate weapons will be completed, and we will start immediately to work on deploying appropriate types of weapons on your territory. Everything is going according to plan and everything is stable," Putin said.
Russian President said in March that Moscow and Minsk had agreed to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus without violating international obligations.
Putin explained that Russia is not handing over its nuclear weapons to Belarus but is doing what the US has been doing for decades, since "the Americans are training allied crews and their pilots to, if necessary, use that type of weapon."

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