Kaili not taking part in EP session for ‘personal reasons’

[InTime News]

Eva Kaili, the MEP charged over her involvement in the Qatargate scandal, will not attend the plenary session of European Parliament in Strasbourg this week, for "personal, objective reasons which cannot be made public," her lawyers said in a statement on Monday. 

According to the court ruling on the waiver of Kaili's immunity, she is prohibited from leaving the country without the prior written permission of the investigating judge or the competent judge, with the exception of her stay in Strasbourg in the context of her professional activities.

It should be noted that Marc Tarabella, a Belgian MEP who is also charged in the case, attended a committee meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels just a few days after the lifting of the electronic surveillance.

Kaili and Tarabella have not lost their rights and obligations as MEPs, which means they receive...

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