EU Announces Measures Against Kosovo Over Unrest in North

EU spokesman Peter Stano on Wednesday said the 27 EU member states had "unanimously" agreed to take "reversible and temporary measures" against Kosovo, "depending on the development on the ground and credible decisive steps by (Kosovo) Prime Minister (Albin) Kurti".

According to Stano, "the EU has prepared proposals with measures with immediate effect".

Some of the measures he mentioned include "suspension of high-level visits, contacts and events as well as our financial cooperation with Kosovo".

Stressing that "there are no sanctions", Stano added that, "despite our repeated calls, Prime Minister Kurti has so far failed to take decisive steps and actions to de-escalate" the tense situation in the Serb-majority north, where protests have continued since May 26.

Referring to the five-steps proposal for de-escalation that Kurti announced on Tuesday, Stano said that this proposal "fails to adequately address some key elements which triggered, are the route cause of the latest crisis, and which we expect him to address urgently with decisive measures".

Kurti told media on Tuesday that he had proposed a five-step solution to the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

These comprise: "The rule of law in the northern municipalities, to ensure it is created immediately by identifying the members who have contributed (in the violent protests of May 29, 2023); violent groups to be withdrawn from the territory of Kosovo; Kosovo police and (NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo) KFOR will conduct joint security assessments every 15 days; the government will coordinate with all the actors to hold extraordinary elections; and Kosovo and Serbia to return to the Brussels mediated dialogue".

Stano, however said on Wednesday that this...

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