Over 200,000 new pensions for 2023

Almost 1,200 pension applications are being processed per day by the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA), while last month, according to data from the Labor Ministry's Helios database, almost 30,000 new pensions were paid out.

At the same time about 610 new pension applications are being submitted every day, with EFKA and Labor Ministry officials estimating that at the end of the year the total number of applications (main and auxiliary) will reach or even exceed 200,000.

On the positive side of the process, however, remains the fact that the pace of pension issues is continuing unabated, with EFKA insisting that on average the issuance of new pensions is completed within two months.

In May, according to the latest Helios data, 29,537 new pensions were paid out by EFKA, of which 20,110 were main pensions outside the state sector, with the average amount not...

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