Türkiye urges Sweden for NATO bid commitments

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Turkish Defense Minister Yaşar Güler has emphasized the importance of Sweden fulfilling its commitments in order to achieve NATO membership, citing Finland's expeditious accession process as an example that Sweden could follow a similar path.

During a meeting with reporters in Brussels, Güler reiterated Türkiye's support for the alliance's open-door policy and highlighted the significance of Sweden's compliance with the trilateral memorandum.

"In our bilateral meetings, we declared to our allies that Sweden can become a NATO member like Finland if it fulfills its commitments recorded in the trilateral memorandum," Güler stated.

Sweden and Finland applied to enter the alliance after the Russian occupation of Ukraine in 2022. Türkiye ratified the latter's application after Finland complied with the items of the trilateral agreement signed last June in Madrid, which obliges the Nordic states to intensify the fight against the PKK terrorist organization. Along with Türkiye, Hungary is also yet to ratify Sweden's bid.

While acknowledging some progress made by Sweden, Türkiye remains cautious and believes further steps are necessary to fulfill the requirements for NATO membership. The government has expressed its desire to see Sweden demonstrate a stronger commitment to NATO's objectives and principles.

Sweden's new anti-terror law took effect on June 1 but, for Ankara, its implementation is more important than the law itself. It calls on Stockholm to stop the PKK activities, rallies, propaganda means and fundraising efforts. In addition, Ankara seeks the extradition of PKK terrorists from Sweden, which says it's up to the justice.

The desired outcome for most NATO members is to see Sweden participate as a...

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