Student bags prize in piano competition overseas

An 18-year-old Turkish student from the western province of İzmir has won the International Mozart Piano Competition.

Nehir Özzengin, a young piano student from İzmir, won the first prize at the International Mozart Piano Competition in Serbia.

Özzengin, who started her music education at the age of 4, won her first competition at the age of 9. In total, she has won 14 music awards in different competitions around the world such as in Belgium, Luxembourg, Serbia and Italy.

Continuing her education at Karlsruhe University of Music, one of the most prestigious schools in Germany, Özzengin studied the works created by the world's most important composers.

Özzengin, who continues to represent her country in the best way by winning the first prize in her last six competitions, also won the first prize in the International Mozart Piano Competition held in Serbia.

In the competition, which was attended by musicians from different countries of the world, the results were determined by the evaluations and scoring made by expert pianists, depending on the participating musicians' performances of several difficult classical music pieces from different periods.

"I am very happy to represent my country successfully on international platforms once again. I am working hard to be a good example for the young musicians who come after me in our country. They should set bigger goals for themselves and know no limits in their dreams. Success becomes a real success if it gains continuity. My next goal is to achieve international success without setting limits for myself and to take firm steps forward in the field of music. Besides my passion and love for music, hard work and dedication are the key words of my success," Özzengin said.

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