The threshold for a ‘safe’ outright majority

If the combined vote of the parties that will remain outside of Parliament in the June 25 election is between 6% and 9%, the crucial threshold for New Democracy in order to win a "safe" outright majority (in the region of 158 seats) will be 40%. 

ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis wants his party to win a "safe majority" of 158 seats in order to govern with stability.

The percentage of parties outside Parliament is expected to decrease substantially compared to May, as some of them, such as Sailing for Freedom (Plevsi Eleftherias) and/or Niki, are expected to enter Parliament, but also due to the abstention of some voters who had chosen smaller formations in the first election.

Generally speaking, if, as polls suggest, the percentage of parties that will stay out of Parliament amount to between 6% and 9%, then in the case ND gets 38%, the target of 158 seats is out...

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