Bulgaria’s President: The quick Election of Sarafov raises doubts that the Parliamentary Parties are "Looking to Appoint their Guy”

President Rumen Radev commented after the opening of the three-day "Green Week 2023" forum on the election of Borislav Sarafov as acting chief prosecutor in place of the removed Ivan Geshev.

According to President Rumen Radev, the quick election of Sarafov raises doubts that the parliamentary parties "are looking to appoint their own guy".

"In any case, we must judge him by his attitude to immunities and to the cases of corruption cases. He must very quickly and clearly position himself whether he will help certain political figures to 'wash' each other, or he will take a position, which will allow a quick return of justice".

The president was asked by reporters why he issued the decree to release Ivan Geshev before the Constitutional Court had ruled on whether the Supreme Judicial Council with an expired mandate could make such a decision.

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