Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov no longer has Parliamentary Immunity

Kiril Petkov

The co-chairman of "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" Kiril Petkov is now without parliamentary immunity.

On Friday, hours after the election of Borislav Sarafov as acting chief prosecutor, Petkov announced that he would give up his immunity. In his last days as chief prosecutor, Ivan Geshev requested the removal of Petkov's parliamentary protection because of his Canadian citizenship when he became a minister.

Sarafov himself made it clear that he is inclined to withdraw the requests for the parliamentary protection of Boyko Borissov and Kiril Petkov, because his predecessor Geshev became more active with the cases against the two after he saw himself threatened by the politicians because of the adopted mechanism for controlling the Prosecutor General. However, according to Kiril Petkov, this is not the way in which an objective and transparent examination of the facts should be conducted on each of the requests.

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