EU approves 11th sanctions package against Russia over Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen ride an armored personnel carrier as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, with no end in sight, in the Donetsk village of Torske, on December 30. [Reuters]

European Union governments agreed on Wednesday to an 11th package of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, aimed at stopping other countries and companies from circumventing existing measures.

The new package, tweeted by Sweden as EU president, forbids transit via Russia of an expanded list of goods and technology which might aid Russia's military or security sector.

The biggest novelty, diplomats said, was enabling restrictions on the sale of sensitive dual-use goods and technology to third countries that might sell it on to Russia. Names of such countries can be added to an annex of the EU sanctions regulation with the unanimous agreement of all 27 members.

EU officials have long been concerned about a surge of demand for EU products from Russia's neighbors like Armenia, Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan and from the United Arab Emirates, Turkey or...

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