Vučić made the final decision: "I'm going to Brussels" PHOTO

At the beginning of his address, he said that he would still go to Brussels, immediately after the special envoy, Josep Borrell, announced that he and the Prime Minister of the so-called Kosovo, Albin Kurti, are summoned to an urgent meeting.
"I will go to Brussels to talk to Borrell tête-à-tête, for one, two or ten hours. I have nothing to do with Kurti. Talking to him makes no sense. He lectures us on philosophy, a little on Demai, a little on Marx, and that\'s all. Everything else concerns persecution of Serbs and lectures on internal political matters in central Serbia," said Vui.
"Arrests of Serbs south of the Ibar have also begun. Their goal is to expel Serbs from all of Kosovo and Metohija," he told RTS.
"We are alone in this, we have to understand our own strengths. Someone has to perform difficult tasks on behalf of the citizens in the most difficult conditions. I ask people to understand that the country is in a difficult situation. We are under the most difficult pressures. On the issue of Kosovo, we only talk with the collective West. Then you wonder how to talk to someone with whom there is no conversation. Look at Escobar\'s statements, you will understand everything and see what a terrible situation Serbia is in", Vucic said.
"In the West, they think it is possible for the terror against Serbs to continue," added Vui.
"Those children\'s games of theirs that they can\'t sell to anyone are okay, but we have to look at how to protect ourselves. I have nothing to talk about with people who live to beat our people. When they are freed, it will be thanks to what Belgrade stands for", added Vui and explained how the Serbs were arrested in Kosovo and Metohija.
"The liaison officer visited the arrested Serbs, I am taking...

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